Construction Industry Careers

"I helped build that!"

Whether you build it with your own hands, or direct the project from the office, there's a lot of pride in contributing to the projects that matter to the people in your community.

Constructing an office building, school, roadway, or bridge requires a diverse team of people - from those in the office, to those on the jobsite - collaborating to overcome challenges, while depending on the specific skills and focus that each individual brings to the project. Whether you want to learn a skilled construction trade, or focus on the business and management side of the company - there's a pathway to a construction industry career for you.

Construction Trades Careers - No Desk Required!



Construction has never required as much skill and training in the methods and technology of building, as it does today. To continue to meet the need for highly skilled craftspersons, each of the construction trade unions, offers comprehensive, multi-year training and education program that involves both classroom instruction and on the job training - all while you work and earn a paycheck! Upon completion of your Apprenticeship in some trades, you will have also earned a college Associates Degree!

Construction Workers are in HIGH DEMAND!

As both the US and Indiana economies continue to grow, businesses continue to expand and grow....and build! But it's not just the growth of business that requires construction, our aging state and national infrastructure is continuing to see investment for expansion and reconstruction. The need for construction is rising, and as many older workers retire, so too is the need for new construction workers. There are great opportunities for your future!

Get Paid While You Learn (NO EDUCATION DEBT!)

Once accepted into an Apprenticeship Program, you can immediately be working and earning a paycheck while you are going through training - EARN WHILE YOU LEARN - earning a living wage, health insurance and contributing to your retirement, right from the start. For some people, this is a better route to a lifelong career than the typical 4 year college scenario - instead of owing tens of thousands of dollars after college, by the end of your apprenticeship you can have earned thousands of dollars - think about that!


As an Apprentice, not only do you immediately begin to "earn-while-you-learn", but at completion of the program, as an employed Journeyman (fully trained and certified tradesperson), you will earn the full hourly wage, PLUS health insurance, retirement package, continued training, etc.. Journeyman in some trades, who work the hours, are capable of earning a combined wage & benefit package in the area of $100,000/year!

Not just a job, but a LIFELONG CAREER

Do you have a friend who is "working construction - for now"? He's probably not working in UNION CONSTRUCTION, earning a great wage along with health insurance and a retirement plan. He probably doesn't have all the opportunities that a career as a union journeyman provides! Want to travel or relocate - go ahead - your trade's network of local union halls around the country help you get to where the work is. Want to learn to run a jobsite - you can - a leader with enough experience is invaluable to companies who need foremen to run crews and superintendents to run jobsites. Want to move into the office as a project manager or estimator - why not - the knowledge and experience gained from years working in a construction trade is very helpful to quality management and estimating. In fact, many construction company owners started in the field, working as a union journeyman - maybe you want to start and run your own construction company - go ahead!

Explore the links listed here to learn about each of the Union Construction Trade Apprenticeship Programs in our area.