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PROMOTE Investigate, track, and seek to influence developing projects and governmental policy alike, working diligently to promote the benefits of our union contractor members and their skilled workforce to the owners, developers, architects, engineers and government officials making the decisions that impact us all.

PROVIDE The quality, number, and resounding reputation of MBA contractors, enables our Planroom to acquire and provide to our members, most of the private and public bid projects within most of the surrounding counties, including many projects that are“pre-qualified” and“invitation only”.

REPRESENT The MBA & SMACNA both, negotiate collective bargaining agreements with 8 different construction trade unions in our area, representing not only the rights of our signatory contributing contractor members, but of other signatory contractors in the area as well. Along with recommendations to the terms of these impactful agreements, participation by representatives of ourContributingContractorMembers ensures a diversified approach and amore comprehensive outcome.

EDUCATE Our growing and expanding resources assist in the education and training of many aspects of the construction industry, from safety to surety, management to wages, and many things in between. Some of our best resources in our education mission are our Associate Members – companies whose expertise in various construction related fields supports us in offering seminars and classes for owners, staff, and Labor alike.

CONNECT Valued professional relationships are an integral part of success at any level. With approximately 140 current Contractor, Supplier, and Associate Members, theMBAoffers direct connections between companies doing business with each other, within the construction arena. Annual MBA events, including our MBA Golf Outing and Excellence in Construction Awards, not only offer excellent opportunities to meet and develop key contacts, these events offer companies sponsorship opportunities that present their brand to a focused attentive construction community.


The Michiana Area Construction Industry Advancement Fund (MACIAF) is a not-for-profit industry fund, established in 1970 by the Michiana Builders Association to collect, hold, and disburse funds to be used in the promotion of the area union construction industry as a whole, and to advance the safety, knowledge, skills, and effectiveness of both employers and employees alike.


Established in 1934 by the foremost union contractors of the day, the Michiana Builders Association (MBA) was created and tasked to promote the welfare and progress of the area’s construction industry; to support member contractors working within our area, region and state; to promote and develop valuable relations with the entities that impact our industry - building trades unions, private owners, government, architects, engineers and fellowcontractors - a mission as relevant today as it was 80+ years ago.


The Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association (SMACNA) - Michiana Chapter and its associated industry fund operates alongside the MBA and MACIAF, dedicated to providing products, services, and representation to enhance members’ businesses, markets, and profitability for contractors specialized in heating, ventilating and air conditioning, architectural sheet metal, industrial sheet metal, kitchen equipment, speciality stainless steel work, manufacturing, siding and decking, testing and balancing, service, energy management and maintenance.